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Custom Design

Collection of custom designs

We do have an extensive catalogue for you to choose from the most suitable designs for our natural sand souvenirs and artworks. Name drop adaptation for catalogue items in order to make the designs suitable for your area or city are included and free of charge for minimum orders. Should you require custom designs and artworks our  designers are able to create those according to your ideas and needs. Please contact us for our catalogue and custom design inquiries.

Point Of Sale Presentations

Mini Art natural sand decoration

Point-of-sale displays are an essential part of supporting and increasing sales and in order to help our carefully designed products to stand out even more we have created beautiful and convenient displays. Our standard displays and signage can easily be adapted to your specific needs. If your business requires different displays and signage than our standard ones we are able to design and built the kind of display that best suits your requirements.

Global Distribution

Sandart logistic solutions

From Bali to the rest of the world. For decades, thousands of buyers and distributors come to Bali to buy and export the exquisite and unique artworks made by the local people here. This has led to a reliable network of shipping agencies to suit all sorts of buyers and distributers. Here at Sandart we help you to get in touch with those agents that in the past have been best serving our customers in order to get our products shipped worldwide.

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