Frequently asked questions by our clients

Below some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients about our natural sand souvenirs, artworks and other products and / or services. Please contact us through our contact page should you need more information or clarification.


Can I use your products outdoors?

No, we don’t recommend exposing our products to the elements like sunlight, water or high humidity (with exception of our coasters). All products do have a protective coating so the colours wont come off under normal use. However all colours used to apply the particular artworks are water based dies and inks and exposure to sunlight or water will affect the colours.

May I purchase your souvenir products directyly from you?

No, you may only purchase our natural sand souvenirs like fridge magnets and our Mini Art from our distributors or their retailers. Please find addresses and contact numbers from our official distributors at Sandart Worldwide. You may contact us directly should you have difficulties to get in contact with them.

Can you apply my photos on sand?

While theoretically this is possible the outcome is most likely not as you expect. Remember that we are applying our artwork to a surface with structure and therefore all designs on this surface interplay with it. Specially for photos with faces on it, it doesn’t look really appealing if your skin looks like a crumble cake 🙂

Can I bring your products to Australia?

We are not aware of any issues by any of our clients who have bought our products in Bali to bring them back to Australia. As base for our fridge magnets and Mini Art we use MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or Triplex which we buy from sustainable sources with the necessary certificates. The layer of sand on the surface of our products has a protective, water based coating and does not contain or is made of protected species like sea shells or alike.

Is it OK to remove the cardboard frame?

It is certainly OK to remove the cardboard frame of our Mini Art wall decorations. The cardboard frame, while beautiful indeed, is only thought of as an attractive gift box and protects somehow our Mini Art wall decorations during transport. Once you have removed the item from its box, you will find that each sits on a beautiful coloured back frame that has a hole on the back  for easy wall mount.


Will the sand of your products eventually come of?

It is normal that some of the sand grains may come loose. However this normally does not affect the artwork and does not cause a visible damage on the product itself. Mostly, if you find loose sand grains in the packaging, those are left overs that came loose before the final coating was applied to the product. Under normal circumstances the sand coating will never come of the surface.

Can I get custom packaging for your prodcuts?

Yes, we can adapt the packaging (design and writing that goes on it) to your needs. Please contact us for more detailed information and requirements for custom packaging. The Sandart URL ( or and logo will always be printed on some part of the packaging even for custom made packaging.

What is your minimum order?

There is no real minimum order for any of our products. You can order as little as 20 pieces of fridge magnets and / or Mini Art. However the best price for our products is for orders that exceed 5000 fridge magnets and / or 2500 pieces of Mini Art. Those can be mixed designs with a minimum of 20 pieces per design. Please also see our Terms of Sale for more details.

Can I do my own designs?

You certainly may develop or use your own designs. Please contact us for requirements on how those designs have to be done in order to make them suitable for our process.

May I make a Sandart website for my country?

You may certainly do so. However you may not act as the manufacturer of Sandart in your country or area. It has to be clear that you are the official distributor of Sandart products should we come to this agreement during our distribution negotiations.