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Fridge Magnets

Made with natural sand, our fridge magnets are a unique souvenir that stands apart from the rest. We have an extensive catalogue with different motives for our customers to choose from and name adaptations can be done for all our fridge magnets making them suitable for a diverse diversity of destinations.

See more details and pictures of our handmade fridge magnets on our products page.

Wall Decorations “Mini Art”

Also made with natural sand, our “Mini Art” wall decorations are beautiful, handcrafted souvenirs in the form of small pictures that come in a carefully designed gift box. As for our fridge magnets we have a great variety of designs to choose from, which can easily be adapted and we are also able to make custom designs for our clients.

More details and pictures of our “Mini Art” wall decorations on our products page.

Natural Sand Pictures

“Art & Decoration” is a line of handmade artworks that consist of pictures of a larger format which make for a beautiful and unique decoration for houses, offices and hotels. With natural sand as a base for the textures and by applying the art works with our special technique the pictures from our “Art & Decoration” line are one of their kind.

Find more details and see pictures of our “Art & Decoration” line on our products page.

Distributors, Retailers and Clients

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Our fridge magnets and “Mini Art” wall decorations made with natural sand are one of their kind. Thanks to our unique technique and carefully designed displays which increase sales performance, our products have gained great success everywhere where they are sold becoming bestsellers each season. We are able to create custom designs to suit every destination even for smaller orders which makes our products also very suitable for corporate gifts and promotional items. Have a look at our different custom services and products we make.

Our Advantages That Help Your Buisness Grow

Handcrafted objects of art made with natural materials that stand out from the mainstream
Novelty products that meet European quality standards
High rotation items supported by professional looking point of sales presentations
Fast fabrication and design flexibility
Ability to deliver artwork in volume
Personalised concepts customised to areas and cities or client specific needs
Competitive prices and small minimum orders even for customised products
Use of natural and recyclable materials that meet the growing trend of nature aware customers
Global distribution
Sandart custom table display

Custom made island display for Matahari Department Stores / Lippo Group / Indonesia

Custom made point of sale presentations

Custom designed displays for our fridge magnets and Mini Art wall decorations are not only another product of ours but part of our philosophy to offer our clients a complete solution instead of only some beautiful items to add to their sales catalogue.

In the highly competitive souvenir and small art industry it is more important now than ever to use effective and visual pleasing point-of-sale presentation to cut through the clutter and improve sales performance. Product displays and signage are an essential part of supporting and increasing sales and a convenient way to have product stock in the sales area. In order to help our carefully designed natural sand fridge magnets and Mini Art wall decorations to stand out even more from the crowd, we have created beautiful and functional displays that can easily be customised to our clients needs. Contact us for more information and customisation possibilities.